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A Seafood Lover's Other Choice...

Chesapeake Bay Blue CrabsLobster, a Crab Alternative
...your lobster, anywhere, any time.

As wonderful as steamed crabs are to eat and as incredible a "journey" it is to pick 'em and eat 'em youself, we realize there are many of you who prefer the taste of lobster. Of course, as you must know, lobster here in the mid-atlantic must be imported from somewhere. The best restaurants and crab houses will be offering only Fresh Lobster from the State of Maine. (Lesser-known eateries and chain restaurants - well, who knows...)

What if you're not feeling crabby today? Lobster may be your choice of shellfish and you won't find great cold water Lobster year round like the ones from LobsterAnywhere. Their Maine Lobster comes from the Atlantic and will be delivered fresh to your door. If you are looking for just a fabulous Lobster tail, LobsterAnywhere.com chooses only the highest grade of cold water tails to ship either fresh or frozen to you. Don't settle for warm water Lobster at lesser quality when for the same price you can get the highest quality of Lobster on the market. Each Lobster or tail comes complete with cooking instructions.

They also offer fabulous Chowders and Appetizers and to complete your meal, decadent New England desserts like Whoopie Pies. And you can also gift someone the pleasure of Maine Lobster. All Lobster Gift packages have free overnight delivery.

Now with the help of Lobster Anywhere you can have the quality of fresh Maine lobster delivered right to your door - literally any where and at almost any time. Yum.

For Lobster lovers only! Have live Maine lobster and Atlantic fresh seafood delivered overnight to your front door.

For a unique treat, see our special write-up on a TV show lobster recipe called Lobster Crackerjacks.

Order Lobster Online Lobster served on a dish
Lobster served up the right way - with the claws already cracked and the tail split - and a small side of garlic mashed potato. Mmmm.

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Lobster Delivery
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