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Baltimore, Maryland...
Snowstorms in South Bmore

South Baltimore Snowstorms

Baltimore averages only about 17 inches of snow per year - in a "normal year" that is. We have a few photos of a couple of Baltimore Snowstorms where the yearly average appeared all at once. The photos were all taken near Leone-Riverside Park in South Baltimore.

These images are a bit of an historical perspective, going back well over a decade. Today there are a gazillion pictures of snowstorms because nearly everyone has cell-phone-cameras and shoot-n-share today's events, as they happen, on social media.

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February, 2003 & January, 2000
Where would you like to shovel?
Snowdrift Overhanging a Roof Cornice in Baltimore

Click for pictures of the Baltimore Snowstorm of February 16, 2003.

Click for pictures of the Baltimore Snowstorm of January 25, 2000.

CLICK the images for a larger view.


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June 16, 2019

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