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FAST FACTS: Baltimore At A Glance

Baltimore Fast Facts

Best Time to Go
Much like the rest of the Mid-Atlantic, Baltimore experiences all four seasons. Keep in mind though that since it's on the water, the weather can change often. Spring is a great time to visit Baltimore - not only for baseball games at Camden Yards, but for the picturesque scenery.

Baltimore plays hosts to several festivals and events year-round. One of its major tourist attractions is the Preakness, a segment of the Triple Crown. This event takes place in May and draws a huge crowd. The city holds many waterfront and neighborhood festivals during the summer as well, including Artscape, a three-day event honoring the arts.

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Average Weather
Average temperatures in the spring and fall are a mild 50 to 60 degrees. In winter, temperatures aren't known to drop much lower than 30 degrees, but occasional snow is possible. Summers tend to be very hot and humid, with average temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

Most visitors to Baltimore choose to tour the city in a car. It's fairly easy to navigate, given its many alternating one-way streets. Parking can be rather expensive, especially if you're downtown. If you're planning to travel from the Inner Harbor to areas north, it's wise to take a cab. You can find taxis at most major hotels, the train station and scattered throughout the harbor. Depending on the distance you're traveling, fares range from $5 to $10.

For those staying in downtown Baltimore, the Metro offers limited service. Don't depend on it as your sole source of transportation. If you're heading into the suburbs or BWI Airport, the Metro is great. It also makes stops at Camden Yards, Penn Station and Mount Washington.

In-Season Costs
If you're staying in downtown Baltimore during the spring or summer, rates might be a little higher. The Inner Harbor is slightly more expensive than other parts of Baltimore, but you should be able to find some bargains. Less expensive than the nation's capital, Baltimore won't break the bank.

Day Trips

Annapolis: Annapolis is one of the oldest cities in the country. The U.S. Naval Academy was established here in 1845. Visitors to Annapolis will enjoy the waterfront festivals that take place each summer. Annapolis is known as a boating community, and tour and cruises are available much of the year. Annapolis is about one hour south of Baltimore by car.

Ocean City

Ocean City: If you have a little time to play while you're in Baltimore, head over to Ocean City. Just three hours east of the city, this vacation spot is best suited for a weekend getaway. The resort town is an escape for Baltimoreans. Deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, sailing, cruising the boardwalk, or just lounging on the beach are favorite pastimes here.

Washington, DC

Washington DC: The nation's capital is just 35 miles away, easily accessible by train or by car via the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Take a day to explore the White House, the Mall, the monuments and the Smithsonian museums. If you're planning to drive to D.C., keep in mind that rush hour will tack on at least an hour to your commute.

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May 21, 2019

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Business Traveler
Baltimore offers a variety of amenities for the business traveler.

Romantic Getaway
The Harbor Court is a good place to rekindle any romance.

Conference Center
Visitors attending a conference will find convenient digs downtown.

Leisure Traveler
The crack of a bat--the putt-putt of a motorboat--the swish of wind through the sails -- Baltimore is heaven for leisure travelers.

Kids will go ga-ga staying downtown.

Budget Travelers
Even the luxury hotels in Baltimore have great weekend deals and getaway packages.

Airport Lodging
If the sound of takeoffs and landings is music to your ears, you might opt for one of the splendid airport hotels.

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