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Monument to Christopher Columbus
Columbus Piazza near Little Italy

On the east side of the Inner Harbor, between Scarlett Place and the Public Works Museum, Baltimore honors the memory of the discoverer of America with a statue that is seen annually by thousands of tourists.

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Baltimore's Columbus Monument

This monument to Columbus is carved in Italian Carrara marble. The monument was dedicated on October 8, 1984 by former Mayor of Baltimore William Donald Schaefer and President Ronald Reagan. It depicts the discoverer facing east along Eastern Avenue into the rising sun - the direction from which the explorer's vessels arrived over four hundred years ago.

Columbus relief carving 1
On the base appear bas relief carvings showing the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, the explorer's birthplace of Genoa, as well as the landing and meeting with the Indians of the new land.

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Columbus relief carving 2
Columbus relief carving 3
Visit a web site for Christopher Columbus Monuments around the world: http://cartography.geog.uu.nl/columbus.
Columbus Center Building
The "Christopher Columbus" Building rises behind the explorer.
Columbus Piazza
"Columbus Piazza"
Dedication of Columbus MonumentColumbus Monument
Click the engraving to read the "dedication" text.

Set in a plaza that has been designated "Columbus Piazza," the statue provides a bold and imaginative representation of the man. Baltimore's latest statue to Columbus captures the power and majesty--some might say obstinacy, even arrogance--of the discoverer of the New World.

May 21, 2019

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