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Baltimore TownHouse Line Drawing


Baltimore Skyline Inner Harbor Panorama Photographs
(overlooking the harbor from Federal Hill Park)

The first is an "historic" Baltimore Skyline photograph, by local phtographer Bill Swartwout, and is one of the original panoramas of the "modern" version of downtown Baltimore. It was photographed over a decade and a half ago and has been published in dozens, if not hundreds, of places (including a book on Urban Geography by Harvard University Press) and was a featured display in a Baltimore "Sister Cities" presentation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, several years back. You, can buy prints - plain, matted and framed, or on stretched canvas - of either or both of these unique photographs.

Baltimore Inner Harbor Panorama Copyright Bill Swartwout

The second panorama was photographed in December, 2014. Can you find the differences - things that have changed over the last dozen years?

Visit Bill Swartwout Photography today.

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Note: The older Baltimore Panorama is assembled from four individual photographs so there may be some visual clues where the images are stiched together. 

May 21, 2019

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