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The Story of Old Otterbein UMC

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Sharp and Conway Streets, Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2412

Next door to the Baltimore Convention Center; one block east of Oriole Park at Camden Yards; two blocks west of Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor.

Old Otterbein is nestled among the buildings and development of a modern city.

410-685-4703 - Church Website: http://www.oldotterbeinumc.org

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Historical Timeline:

1771 - Chapel built and church organized by former members of the First German Reformed Church.

1774 - Philip William Otterbein began his 39-year pastorate after serving from 1752 as a German Reformed missionary in America.

1785 - Present church erected. Now oldest in continuous use in Baltimore.

1789 - Tower bells from Germany installed, heralding services and national events ever since. Clergy meeting here initiated the United Brethren denomination.

1798 - Congregation incorporated by the Maryland Legislature as the German Evangelical Reformed Church of Howard's Hill, Baltimore.

1811 - Present parsonage erected.

1827 - First German Sunday School in Baltimore opened.

1872 - Present Sunday School building, the Nelker Building, replaced an earlier structure near the tower.

1897 - Niemann Tracker organ installed and furnace replaced stoves.

1946 - Evangelical Church and United Brethren merged.

1968 - United Methodist Church formed by a union between the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren.

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